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Q: Should a contractor pull all the required building permits?

In today's economy my wife and I simply cannot afford not to play by the book. We are going to demo one of our properties. It is a nice sized property, but the house itself is old and in serious need of renovation.

My contractor said they she would get the necessary permits. Is this something she should have to do? Should I help? What can I do to ensure these permit are properly collected?

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Yes, a contractor should pull all the required permits for you. Of course, you can help the process by following up and making sure everything is done correctly. You can also call your local city hall to seek the list of permits required and touch base with your contractor to ensure everything is completed.

Permits are crucial to the property value as the resale value will be directly correlated with the additions and total renovation of the property. Not only is the properties value at stake with such permits, but homeowner's insurance policy may require such permits to keep the home properly insured.

Permits will also insure the work is done to code. Without the permits any new addition or upgrade may not be considered legitimate when having your home appraised which could be financially devastating.

Contractor's should have no problem accessing these permits on your behalf. Be careful if they can't because that usually means there is some underlying problem such as not being licensed. A licensed contractor will always permit the job they are working for.

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