Q: We are taking out a wall to enlarge our kitchen. We need to install a post for support. How can we make the post look good?

We want a larger kitchen. We can't afford to add on so we are removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We've been told that we will need to install a post somewhere along the line where the current was is located. We want to have an island in our new kitchen and we are trying to figure out how to add the post to the island so that it looks like part of the plan instead of a post we had to have. Do you have any suggestions?

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W. Newfield, ME

A: Post or Beam

Can you put a new beam in? Using LVL ($4 and some change per lineal foot) or some other laminated type beam might allow you to go "postless."

If that's too much of a ruckus, you might try just trimming out whatever post you get. I'd use fillers strips because they'll have the same finish as your cabinets.

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A: Decorative Post

Usually when ordering your cabinets you can order additional trim pieces. Talk with your designer about what pieces are available in the same style and finish as your cabinets and go from there. Put your post in place before your cabinets. Install the cabinets around the post, have the counter installed around as well. Trim the remaining section of the post using the ordered trim pieces.

Another option is using a split fiberglass post. They come in various lengths, widths, and styles. Would install the using same process as above, but instead of installing trim pieces, you install the post.

Hope any of these ideas are helpful.

Andrew Pellak Jr.
A. M. Pellak Construction, LLC

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