Q: What is the difference in cost between silestone quartz and granite?

My parents recently installed silestone quartz countertops in their kitchen. My wife and I like the look. What is the difference in price between silestone and granite. I believe they're cheaper. Is that correct? If so, how much cheaper are they? And, is granite really that much better?

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A: Granite Or Quartz Counter Top What is the difference?

Granite is a natural product which is mined from the ground, cut into slabs, and polished by huge machines. While Quartz products are man made from epoxies, and crushed quartz. Granite can stain from acidic liquids such as red wine or perfume etc. Silestone is only one type of quartz product-- there is also Cambria, and Caesar stone, and more I am sure.
Granite is not a bad product at all -- in my neck of the woods(Long Island New York) the real difference is that the quartz companies are usually not as competitively priced as the granite. I have never had a customer complain that they dislike their granite counter tops.
Another Claim that is usually used is that Quartz is less likely to harbor bacteria than granite. That might be true , but again I have never had a customer get sick from eating off of their counter tops-- most of my customers use plates. (MOST?)
I am not pushing either product they are both good products I just don t like scare tactics used to sell a product.

What it comes down to is that most quartz products are a bit more uniform in pattern and color, while granite is more grainy, and some have long veins (lines)
Quartz might be more suited for a more high tec contemporary style kitchen-- but neither product is wrong, if you like the way it looks, than it is the right product

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Cornish, ME

A: It all depends

The vendor I usually get this stuff from sells granite for less than quartz. However, there are many kinds of granite (most of which I might add is not really granite) that cost more.

Granite, or any other stone, is a naturally occurring thing. Quartz is man made; there are naturally occurring pieces held together with an epoxy of some sort.

I hear that quartz is lower maintenence (no resealing every so often like stone) and harder. I still wouldn't recommend cutting on it directly. Even if it doesn't hurt the counter, it's going to do a number on your knives.

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