Edison, NJ

Q: Is primer always needed before painting?

In interior painting, is it always advisable to use a primer before painting your finishing coats? Thanks.

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Salem, OR

A: To prime... or not...

Always is a strong word and is not necessarily the case. A few of the main reasons for priming prior to a final coat of paint include: covering a prominent or dark color, eliminating ordor (smoke, etc), covering grease spatter (kitchen), and covering bare wood. If your situation does not include any of these, you probably do not need to use primer first - save on your pocketbook. If you are still unsure, check out some of the new paints in which the primer is mixed right in.

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Denver, CO

A: Several reasons to Prime before Paint

As Lisa suggested, covering up darker colors, going lighter is a very good reason. Others include changing paint sheen from say semi-gloss to flat or eggshell. Another one would be new drywall texture, sealing it up with flat primer, to allow the finish coat to lay down much more evenly. Many times before texture, a primer is used, allowing texture to adhere to the wall and ceiling surfaces, giving it something to grip to, other than sheetrock itself. Great response Lisa!

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