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Q: How much does an interior decorator cost?

What is the cost of hiring an interior decorator? I'd love to get some help in decorating my house, but I don't know much about hiring a decorator? How much does it cost? Do you pay upfront? How are you charged? Thanks.

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It depends on the interior decorator or interior designer and yes there is a difference!

For newer designers fees usually start around $75 per hour. More established designers charge $100+ per hour depending on expertise and location. Sometimes the designers decided to choose a flat (fixed fee or Cost Plus. You will have to find out from the designer during your conversation.

You can find designers through ASID. Interview a few designers. Ask them some important questions so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some suggestions from ASID:

* Inquire about the designer's education, training, experience, professional affiliations and other credentials.
* Ask about other services the designer can provide and what can be done to help you optimize your understanding of the cost of the project.
* Discuss project duration or deadlines and what the designer's availability is for taking on the project within the desired timetable.
* Establish parameters for updates and on-going communication between you and the interior designer.
* Discuss the designer's fee structure.

This page at ASID can give you a lot of good information on hiring a designer.

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A: The question is designer or decorator...

Ask yourself this...

Do I want to change colors or completely give someone the opportunity to create a space I feel great in?

Colors and re-arranging furniture= decorator
Create a functional living/working environment=Designer

We have worked with several designers and decorators over the years and have found the following to be standard.

Decorators: are great for suggestion colors, re-arranging furniture, pictures, and window treatments... (Atlanta area) $75-135/hr usually a minimum of 5 hours. When giving an estimate to decorate the house materials costs +15% plus the hourly charge. Most decorators took the clients shopping.

Designers: All of the above with more education in the decorative arts, Feng Shui, psychology, etc
(Atlanta area) $125-375/hr project minimum $10,000.00 must use the designers sources for contract supplies and labor.

Doug Van Arsdale
Chief Designer and Operations manager
Custom Home Theater

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A: Depends on Experience and Credentials

Interior Decorators usually cost less than Interior Designers as they are not certified professional designers with a degree and/or education in design. Decorators are not the same as Designers. Decorators will charge between $50 - $85 an hour depending on their location. In more urban markets expect to pay more , usually $85 an hour. If you are looking for someone with a good "eye" and who has "good taste" a decorator may be all that you need, they do not have formal training, however, they have a "gift" or "flair" for design. If you are looking for someone who knows how to do floor plans, space planning, functional design and remodel or construction management along with design than you will want to work with an Interior Designer who will usually charge from $125 to $250 an hour depending on their experience and how large and demanding the project may be.

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A: Interior Decorators

Interior Decorators do have to take an exam and some take course to become a certified Interior Decorator. So I don't think it is fair to say that they haven't had any training and chalk it up to only exceptional taste.

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In handling all the desire development that will incorporate all the creativity to handle all the decorations.

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