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Q: What does primer really do?

I am repainting my entire condo and the people at the paint store are telling me that I need to get a primer. Do I really need primer? What does primer even do?

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No!!!!!!! That is a sales trick. You should only need a gallon of primer for the job. Now according to your question I am assuming that your condo has been previously painted? If this is correct you will only need to prime any semi gloss surfaces, only if the surface has been previously painted with an oil base paint. You will have to use a primer to spot prime your spackle. Primer is used for two main purposes, 1. Bonding 2. Sealing. If you are painting over a flat paint surface, straight paint will be fine. The reason why I recommend that you prime over a oil base surface (e.g. kitchen, trim & bathrooms) is for a bonding purpose. Latex paint will not bond well to a slick surface like an old oil base enamel, so primer is needed for the bond coat. I recommend a good paint like Keely Moore, Sherwin Williams, or Behr (Home Depot). Benjamin More is overrated and it will cost you a small fortune (not necessary). If are attempting this yourself, BE CAREFUL, you can do a lot of damage. Take time to mask, plastic and lay down DROP CLOTHES!!!!!!!! Do not rush your job!!!! Always supervise your helpers (only one is needed). Good Luck and try to have some fun. Remember, one room at a time.

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when you finish painting drywall and have to touch it up why do you see the spot when you paint with satin paint and how do you fix it

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