About Bluman Roofing:

Bluman Roofing is a local roofing contractor that specializes in the most challenging roof architecture. Whether steep, tall, valleys or dormers, we have the experience and skill to meet any roofing project. You will see we give you much more for your money. We install our shingles per the manufacturer's warranty at a minimum of 30 years! But we also give you an additional 5 year workmanship warranty, because our roofs are constructed for years, not just for a paycheck. Protecting your home starts on the outside. Keep the moisture out and you maintain your home's integrity. This starts with your roof and your siding. Unfortunately, when your siding has a minor leak, you may not notice it inside until it is too late. It is the prep work that you don't see that really protects your home. Hire a contractor that you trust to do it right; Call Bluman Roofing.